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Hair removal for men

These days, men usually tend to care for themselves as much as women do. From hair care to beauty products, they like to try everything that makes them look and feel good.
So it’s no surprise for no one to see men in beauty clinics. But still, you see other men look shady to ones who like to take care of them.
For me, as a man, it happened often. I am one of those men who like to look pristine all the time. This involves taking care of your hair and skin.

So when I am at the dermatologist to take care of my skin, i get two types of looks from people. The women look at me with admiration, while men thinks Is something wrong with me because I like to maintain myself young.
I usually go to my doctor once a month for laser treatment and for injection with vitamin. It does a lot of difference on my skin.
I also do some shots for my wrinkles. Blame me if I want to be young forever. Or as much as is possible.
Yesterday when I was at the clinic I’ve heard two women talking about permanent hair removal. One of them was redhead snd one blonde.
They were talking about the long lasting results they got using laser hair removal machines. One of them was saying after 8 sessions she was hair free. Imagine my shock when I heard that. To be hairless forever on my chest. I would love that.
Did some more searching about permanent hair removal and called my dermatologist to book me for a session. What it is more awesome is that you do hair removal treatments even on your face with laser.
I start tomorrow my first session with laser and I can’t wait to see the results. I am very optimistic. I am like a little girl waiting for her Christmas present.
No matter of your gender, i think, it’s important for one to take care of him. It all starts from what you eat and it ends on what you wear.
Eating healthy it is very important. You can buy the most expensive beauty product, it won’t do much difference if you don’t watch what you eat. And don’t forget the exercise.
What helps me stay on track it’s my buddy, who it’s more obsessed with the way he looks. Having a guy like that around me makes me more competitive. It’s easier when you have someone who shares the same beliefs like you do.
So try to find someone like that and you will have no problem in maintaining yourself beautiful and healthy.