Cleopatra’s Escorts

What kind of lady is full of grace,
curvaceous, with a gorgeous face?
Who never scorns, frowns or whines,
with perfect teeth and hair that shines?

What woman is always nicely dressed,
but without her clothes might be the best?
Who can you take almost anywhere,
and know that all the men will stare?

What girl will take control of you,
but only if you want her to?
Who can fill an empty bed,
unless you use the couch instead?

What stunning company do you keep,
that can talk all night and go so deep?
Who can show you such amazing things,
but never ask for golden rings?

What lover could ever give you more?
What on Earth, are you waiting for?
Who can give all this, no catch or strings?
Who knows just what your date may bring!

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